We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year…

From the Hedley concert a couple weeks ago…

From the Hedley concert a couple weeks ago…

You know, most people who don’t know me very well get rather surprised when I don’t say much when they spend time with me…I guess people’s first impression of me isn’t that I’m shy? Ha. Let me tell you something: I’m super shy. I’m painfully shy. I’m so shy its awkward. 

One-on-one is easier for me, but a whole group…this is why I’m meant to be alone ladies and gentlemen. Don’t pity me any longer despite my cries for help; I am meant to be alone…


guarded bench (by ♦ Peter & Ute Grahlmann ♦)

I have so much to do both inside and outside of tumblr…aghhhhhhhh. I’M WORKING ON IT…by procrastinating. Ugh. Final exam tomorrow, cry for the future…all of it…art portfolio…

Art portfolio.

Shitshitshitshitshitshit THAT NEEDS TO BE DONNNEEEE. 

When you find this in your ask you have to share 5 random facts about you and pass this on to your 10 favorite followers

I’m a favourite?! :D 

Ah, I feel like I just won an Oscar…wait, does that mean I can send this back to you? Oho! Yes. I will do that. How the tables have turned. 

Random facts eh? Uh…random…I can do random. 

1. I have an obsession with macaroni and cheese.

2. When I paint my nails I usually only do one hand because…I actually have no reason, I just did it once and it just kind of became a ‘statement’? I don’t know what defines random in this context somebody help I was social life and now I’m not except tumblr. *SLEEP DEPRIVED* 

3. I’M SO MAD AT CALGARY’S WEATHER RIGHT NOW. Seriously, don’t be all 20C for a week and a half, snow, be plus tens, and then snow, and then rain, and then sun and then moon and KSJDKLJFADLKSJFLKSDJALFDSJLKASJFDLKASJFLKAJSDFKLJSALKFDJALDKJFLKASJFLKAJDFLKJSJ. C-town you suck. Just be spring already. EMBRACE IT. 

4. I could really use a long and comforting hug right now…granted, I’ll probably fall asleep because I’m tired, but someone genuine’s presence would be lovely…

5. I always laugh in the middle of the Violent Femmes song “Kiss Off” because when he counts to eight to list off his reasons he’s like “Eight…I forget what eight was for”, and tell me, is that not relateable when you’re stating reasons for an essay or whatnot? Hmm? Hmm? I mean, the way he says it is hilarious…GREAT SONG EVERYBODY ITS ABOUT BACKSTABBERS AND - okay tangents. 


Now I get to send the thing now?! :D 

Oh if only I knew what was going on… 

I’ve got so much to do, people to please, it’s all piling up…can it just all disappear for a moment?